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SAEDA has been working in Luang Namtha on an FAO- sponsored food security and nutrition project about home gardening. We started working on the project in October 2012, and will continue until September 2013. Usually farmers in the Luang Namtha region only garden during the dry season, but we have been training them to garden year-round to improve their food security. We have also been training them to do bio-composting in order to ensure that their food is not only plentiful, but safe. We found that people are happy because without the project, they would not have vegetables to consume during this season or would have to walk very far up the mountain to get vegetables. Now, they can simply pick vegetables to eat right outside of their kitchen! Last week, we distributed vegetable seeds to 10 target villages and 257 households for them to start new home gardens. The people were very happy because many villagers don’t have access to markets to buy new seeds. Although we only had limited seeds, we found that members of our project voluntarily shared their seeds with non-members as well, so that the entire village could start home gardens. We are very excited that members of our project are empowering their communities and making a positive difference! Next, we will facilitate the sharing of best practices between farmers from different villages. This will give farmers who have been very successful in their home gardening an opportunity to share their techniques and experience with others to help them improve their own gardens.e

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